About the author

Sheila Chandra has been a successful singer and songwriter for 28 years with 10 albums to her credit. She has always managed herself, runs her own music publishing and production companies and oversees all the various aspects of her career without an assistant, and with a heavy workload and a constantly changing schedule. Initially, Sheila suffered serious clutter problems firsthand, and she became faced with the challenges of trying to function effectively in a disorganized environment.  Because her livelihood depended on it she developed the simplest and quickest system possible for dealing with her own disordered ways. Subsequently she has helped many others by passing on her system. She even has a fool-proof system for dealing with the modern curse of email.

She’s set out her secret blueprint for living in a clutter free home and office effortlessly in this book, and believes anyone can use it to live clutter free, no matter how bad their clutter problems are. She says “I know people might think a book on organising a bit of a strange choice for a singer to write, but whenever I’ve given workshops I’ve been keen to pass on musical strategies which I know really work, and to inspire people to feel empowered to run with them, in their own way. This is a subject that’s more ‘behind the scenes’ but the principle is just the same. It’s much easier to achieve what you want in life, if you’re organised and systematic, and I know this system works because I use it myself everyday. “

For information on Sheila’s music career go to: www.sheilachandra.com