Do the quiz

What’s your clutter personality? Take the quiz and find out.

Question 1:

You see some bargains and go on a little spree. When you get home you
Leave the bag somewhere obvious so that you will unpack it after you put the dinner on
Remember all the things you’re going to be able to do now that you’ve bought this stuff and put your purchases away safely in a cupboard
Feel gleeful that you are never going to be caught out without ‘widget X’ ever again!
Unwrap your purchases and admire. Then you put them in the exact places you envisaged for them when you bought them.

Question 2:

You are left with a pile of wrapping. Do you
Put it all on your handicraft pile to use for card making later
Put it under the sink to use again
Recycle what you can and throw the rest away
Leave it for later

Question 3:

You find a pile of stuff building up near an overfull cupboard. Do you
Put time aside to check that everything in it is current and really needs to be stored there
Ignore it
Shove it in a corner nearby
Buy another storage unit

Question 4:

Someone buys you a present you don’t want. Do you
Hang on to it. It reminds you of them
Thank them politely and dispose of it later
Leave it on your dresser to deal with later
Wonder if you could use it somehow?

Question 5:

You inherit a lot of possessions from an older relative. Do you
Go through it systematically and get rid of what you don’t need or value
Leave it in the attic and forget about it
Think ‘Oh my goodness, what useful interesting stuff!’ and store it carefully
Let it sit where you first unloaded it, in the hall, in the living room, in the garage…

Question 6:

Does clutter
Remind you of what you need to do next
Stop you living as you wish to live
Make the place seem cosy and safe
Remind you of good times you’ve had and good times to come

Question 7:

Is your recycling
Neat and frequently emptied
Spilling over
All over the house in bags
Around here in amongst stuff somewhere…

Question 8:

Is an overfull house

Question 9:

You have a well off friend who always has the latest expensive designer gadgets or clothes. Do you think
If I could have what they have, I could be as cool as they are…
You’d never noticed
They have what suits them and I have what suits me…
Someday I’m going to get it together and I’m going to be able to afford that stuff.