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    7:46 pm : 10 January , 2011

    I’m featured in the Daily Express today with an article about detoxing your life in 10 mins… Read it here.

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    8:37 pm : 6 December , 2010

    ‘The Spark’ (free alternative listings magazine for the South West) has just done a profile feature on me in their new winter issue. If you can’t get hold of a copy, you can read an online version of it here

  • How to make sure your car stays tidy all the time

    7:46 pm : 17 September , 2010

    Cars are prime candidates for the kind of messiness that many of us would never put up with in our living rooms. Establishing a few good habits here will keep your car clear most of the time, encouraging you to clean the inside regularly, and to enjoy being in it

  • How to keep your hotel room tidy effortlessly…

    6:32 pm : 10 September , 2010

    Just because you’re out of your usual environment doesn’t mean that your room has to be chaos. In fact, settling into a hotel room can be a great way to practise your organising skills in microcosm. It’s also an easier place to get the hang of organising if you’re new

  • News….

    9:55 pm : 3 September , 2010

    Bristol based alternative listings magazine The Spark have just reviewed ‘Banish Clutter Forever’ on their website