What is the toothbrush principle?

Banish Clutter Forever

How the Toothbrush Principle will change your life

As one of the messiest of chaos merchants, I had read a great many books on this subject and none of them made any lasting impression. Three months ago I organized three of my rooms according to the principles in this book: since then every single thing has remained in its place and if I spend longer than 30 seconds tidying up it is an event.It has had a profound effect on my stress levels and quality of life – before I felt defeated and overwhelmed by my chaos. So simple, yet so effective. I can’t recommend it highly enough’

Elisabeth Wingfield

(Opera singer and author)

Have you always wanted to be one of those glamorous people in ‘lifestyle’ ads who exist in a perfect, comfortable and luxurious environment? They always seem to be relaxing don’t they? Or perhaps you just wish the physical chaos in your house wasn’t making it so hard for you to get the simplest thing done? Do both of these visions of your possible future seem impossible to reach?

Living in a well organised and even very tidy space, all the time, is not just possible, but actually easier and less stressful than living in chaos. Yes, read that sentence again. Not just possible, but once you have the principles in place, EASIER.

Think you can’t do that? Take heart, because there is one item which you probably never lose. You never lose your toothbrush! You know exactly where to find it and when you’ve finished brushing your teeth you automatically put it down in the right place. It’s a successful system you’ve maintained effortlessly all your life. This book analyzes how you’ve done that and based on this simple principle, sets out a step-by-step, room-by-room blueprint for storing all your possessions. A blueprint that you can use to clear up in such a way that the clutter will never return.

Other books on clutter tell you why but not how. They assume that you have a naturally organized mind, that you want your home to look tidy, that you are happy to throw away large amounts of personal stuff, or that they are free to expend copious time and energy on repeated clear outs. Other books diagnose untidiness as some sort of ‘emotional block’. This book makes none of those assumptions.

Learn to:

  • Organise according to the unconscious ‘blueprint’ which naturally tidy people have, so that getting and staying organised is easy.
  • Know what to throw away with confidence.
  • Maintain a clean desk effortlessly all the time, even if you work from home or balance several work ‘roles’.
  • Tame your email inbox!

Organise your wardrobe so that you

  • Get much more use out of the items you have
  • Dress more confidently and find the right outfit amongst the clothes you have more easily
  • Shop more confidently and spend less

Like crash diets, tidying blitzes and clear-outs don’t last the long term. The toothbrush principle is the only system that really works. Starting with a practice clear-out of the easiest room in the house, and including two chapters on the increasingly important home office- or working-space – this inspiring, readable and practical book will change habits for life. Pre order your copy now.